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As a dedicated Locksmith, I’m committed to providing my clients with exceptional work and services. Explore some of the testimonials and reviews I’ve received from past and returning customers below.

"Thank you so much for your service. I will recommend you 100% for your 5 star services." ~ L. Hernandez

"When arriving from out of state to pick up a travel trailer my husband and I purchased in Reno, we were unaware that there were no keys for the trailer. Being unfamiliar to they area we struggled to find a quality locksmith, either it was an unreasonable wait time, ridiculous rates, or they did not seem to have the knowledge . Until we found Professional Safe & Lock, Mark Crawford came out within a timely manner and made keys to the door, he also made keys to the storage under the trailer and the safe in the trailer. The care he gave was more than just a business transaction. We highly recommend Professional Safe & Lock." ~ J. Garay 

 "It completely sucks losing your car keys BUT at least it doesn't have to break the bank. My son lost his keys Sunday afternoon, so naturally the first thing I did was jump on Yelp to search for Locksmiths. Luckily Yelp has a "Request a Quote" feature, which sends a message to the business with the information I entered for a quote. I then selected the option to send my quote request to other similar businesses. This additional option is where I received a message from Mark at Professional Safe and Lock. He responded via Yelp with some helpful info, a rough estimate, and his #. After corresponding with 3 other Locksmiths, I called Mark and he provided me with some honest info regarding Sunday prices and some extremely helpful info that would save us money. We ultimately decided we could wait until the next morning when Mark was available. The transaction was quick, easy and super affordable. I would absolutely us them again if ever needed." 3/23/2021 Natalie J. ~Yelp 

"The locksmith Mark was absolutely amazing.  A had to perform a lockout of a tenant but I live in san Diego. Mark met the sheriff at apartment, took care of locks and saved keys for me to pick up. His pricing is more then fair. He quotes u right upfront.  He responded immediately and was most efficient.  Believe it or not while up in Reno after the lockout I lost keys to my truck and the apartment I just evicted.  I called Mark who responded immediately. He made new keys for my car and the apartment.  What a life saver.  I strongly recommend Mark for any of your lock or safe needs." 6/15/2021 Mark. L ~ Yelp 

"I was referred to Mark from another well known and reviewed locksmith here in Reno as someone who can get into anything. I was definitely impressed. Mark was fast and professional. I called a dozen places and was told no they couldn't do it or they had to order the key.. Saved me a tow to the Toyota dealership who had the only key in Reno. I bought the key and he cut and programed it in no time in my driveway. Reasonably priced. Female friendly. I highly recommend." 10/2021 Crystal. W~ Google.

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